About me


 Saya tinggal di bumi

pasni kubur pula

pastu harap dapat tinggal dalam syurga(yahooo)

neraka tu bukan tempat tinggal name nyer!! huhu tamau-tamau

Tinggi saya sederhana 5’5 like that

and im not fat la around 50kg sahaja(why i rite dis?)suke ati la


my skin tone dun want to tell

i like jus

expecially air kelapa

n i like tom yam

i hate tempe(make me dizzy n awful food)

i luv blue,green and purple colour. Combine this three lawo tok haha

 im a little big wierd

i cant tell anything else about my personality

but i kinda seroius n quiet type

n sometime very garang maa(bila perlu jer)

can be very childish n matured

depends on mood

n im sick!

not sick physical

but mental and heart

i like teddy bear but i dun like real bear

i like big and high apartment coz i can see bunga api kat klcc

i wanted to have 4 maid that i train myself so i can check

they ok or not

..maybe i should put safety watch dat can record what they do,talk,

or try to run so i can catch them easy n kick their ass into jail huhu.

my dream i wanted to die early so i dun need to suffer more and

not making any sin anymore.

n im really jealous wit someone who die early.huh

why i cant be just like them?urm??(think,think,think   )no need to think lah coz it wast me who control my death rite?

n n i really luv food! halal food that are super delicious

i really wanted to try kimchi,baskin robbins ice cream cake,5 start tom yam uuu yum yum!,

n more food haha!

i scare with my dad.he garang lah

i hate hearing my mom ceramah bcoz it took 10 minit or more to stop!

n beside that takde koma straight jer ceramah dier(mati la)

i luv my little sister bcoz she so cute n innocent


i really hate seing my sister suffer dun want dun want

my blood type i dunnu yet

i really hope my blood type is A

or AB or Z or M wah ok kan kan




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