Richard branson

Who is this uncle?

why he so famous?

how come people can be so rich?what they do?they do work but they doest feel tired?

is he lucky?is he smart?

what he eat?


sometime i was so cunfuse.I pray everday to Allah so i can be smart,i dont want people include my own family calling me stupid because that hurt me.

But sometime I think for myself that i dont need all this because living in Allah heaven are far more happier than living in this world.Sometime i wish for myself  that i want to be rich but i dont to blind because of being rich.

I just wanted to be rich because i wanted to buy a big house,cozy house,secure,a little luxury because dont want to be bored just being creative but all this only for my family.

My family already done a lot of an effort to me.They give me food,take care of me when i was child,let me go to school.

I was faithful for this because outside there,there was girl/boy same age like me doest goes to school because they family are just too poor.Kais pagi makan pagi,kais petang makan petang.

We living in this world.There are so many challenge,sometime but a lot of time being poor make you get near with kufur.

I think being poor right now at the year 2011 look pretty dumb to me.

You cant being poor! NO you must being rich.You all have a family to care.You need a house.A cozy,big and secure house for you family.You cant have reban ayam as your house. You need money to buy madicine for your mom,dad,sister,brother and child.You need money for your family to buy food,to pay bill,to send little sis/brother/child to school.Have money make your life easier.Try to imagine that you doest have money and now you getting old.Your wife,husband,mom,dad,sis/brother/child cry because they hungry.What you gonna do?go to neighboor house knock they door and begging for some money or food,what a shame!

Now try to imagine that when your are young and strong you work so hard,you be a businessman/woman and you being rich. With that money you keep it and expand it then you can buy a big house for your big family.Your can take care of your mother and father bring them to travel or send them to mecca.Your child and your sister can go to the best school or college without worrying about money.You can buy them food,book,and other stuff.You also can pay the bill without stress.You also can have more time at home and being with family.You also have time to pray to Allah.

Which one  you want  to choose.Being poor or rich but control of wealth wisely.

I choose being rich.But a wise man rich.Because i dont to waste what Allah already give to  me.

A healthy and body,a wise mind,because if i can change something before i die i will chage it.If not

or i die ealier maybe i change my heart to love Allah so badly already enough.

For you Richard Branson i hope you being muslim because only being muslim can save you from enter hell.

Dont hate islam.Because islam doest teach someone to be terrorist.



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